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I would like to introduce to you the world’s first Autobacking Camper.

You are witnessing the World's First Autobacking Camper, built in Australia. The inventor is Ronald Timmons of (USA). The Autobacking system will be available when production commences.

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Available for boat trailers, off road trailers, wood chippers, Military trailers, horse floats, industrial trailers, commercial trailers, 6×4’s, 8×10’s etc. Single and double axle.

Main feature

The system allows the trailer to act like a normal trailer at the switch of a button. So, if you are used to backing trailers you just switch the system off and that’s it. Flick the switch on and it’s Autobacking again.

If you have been backing trailers all your life, then you probably won’t appreciate this system as much as your partner will, or someone who is considering buying a caravan or trailer for the first time.

*Unfortunately we cannot sell our kits directly to the public at the moment due to the cost of manufacturing a single unit. However, companies can purchase this amazing kit in lots of 100. That’s right, minimum order is 100 units.

If you’re in the market for a new caravan ask your dealer if it’s ‘Autobacking’.

The impossible is now possible. Back two or more trailers at once with ease.

Can your trailer do this?

Now anyone can backup a trailer just like a professional. In fact it's so easy, it's almost fun. No prior backing experience is required. The Autobacking Trailer will give you the ability and confidence to do things you never thought possible. You don't even have to see our trailer to back it. Just look in your mirrors as you back, and if you don't see the trailer, you know it is steering and staying behind you.

Towing of trailers in tandem has always been a very efficient way to move large quantities of materials, because, of course, only one towing vehicle is required. This saves on both fuel and equipment costs. The only disadvantage is that tandem trailers can be extremely challenging if not impossible to backup into place. The Autobacking(TM) trailer system enables safe, flawless backing of single or tandem trailers. No training or prior backing experience is needed.

What makes The Autobacking Trailer the smartest trailer ever built? It can do this!

Trailer history in the making

The trailer has been around for a very long time. The original was probably a two wheeled cart pulled by oxen or some other animal. The earliest form of a trailer couldn't of been to far behind the invention of the wheel, they had to find something to use it for. Yet what improvements have we made since those early beginnings. What have we done to the trailer to make it more useful? Brakes, lights, that about sums it up. It's like we started out with a good idea and never finished it. Maybe the invention of the automobile made us forget that the trailer was still in development and improvements were still needed. It seems that everything on wheels except the trailer has continued to evolve. The time has come for the trailer to impress you with abilities not imagined until now. The Autobacking trailer system eliminates all the problems associated with backing a trailer, allowing no skill required backing. The result is a simple solution that writes the final chapter in the history of the trailer.

On the left you can see a normal trailer being reversed. To back the trailer to your right, first you turn the steering wheel to the left. Then as the trailer begins to turn behind you, turn the wheel to the right, adjusting your steering wheel position to keep the trailer going where you want it. With the Autobacking Trailer, shown on the right, you simply turn as you would without a trailer. Left for left, right for right.

What makes the Autobacking Trailer the Smartest Trailer Ever Built?

The Autobacking Trailer requires only the backup light signal from the vehicle to activate the steering system of the trailer. Once activated the trailer is locked behind the vehicle,eliminating the potential of jackknifing. The trailer then automatically steers the direction you back. The pressure sensitive,spring loaded,steering system self centers and locks in a strait forward position when the trailer is pulled forward. This allows it maintain normal towing characteristics.


With The Autobacking Trailer system you will be backing up trailers just because you can! View the videos below to see more, including an on-air tv appearance by the inventor himself! Also shown is our Military M101 trailer, outfitted for demonstration to the US ARMY.

If you have any questions, or just want one of our trailers, please contact us as at

Demonstration videos of our M101A1 military trailer built and delivered to virginia to be presented to the U.S. ARMY.

Autobacking trailers will save lives. Convoys pulling trailers will no longer be easy targets, Solders will be able to return fire and backup at speed out of ambush situation. Why did we back our Autobacking trailer 50 MPH, BECAUSE WE COULD.

The Autobacking Trailer has even been spotlighted on WCJB-TV 20.

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